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Ayi Solomon

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We will make a FILM about an amazing percussionist,  a cultural bridge-builder and fiery-soul:

Ayi Solomen
He is a passionate, highly beloved and respected musician who has settled on the Danish music scene since 1985. He has played with a range of performing musicians – and several of them will contribute to the film’s honest and personal portrait of the man behind the drums …

We want to interview and meet among other: Bo Stief, Moussa Diallo, Palle Mikkelborg, Pierre Dorge and New Jungle Orchestra.

Ayi has his roots in Ghana and the film takes him and his big daughter on a journey there.
Ayi will play with some of the musicians he went out to meet the western music scene. They want to visit the family and we will feel how the Ghanaian culture has shaped him and put his mark on his music.

The trip back to Ghana becomes a personal meeting with family that has been separated and the challenges that have often followed when you are a musician on the go.

Ayi’s mission to create patience through music becomes a major focal point in the film. He is the founder of the ‘World Scene Platform’ because he wants to create space for new talents to come to light.

That work will follow the film – so we are present and experience the small breakthroughs, for each new musician.

We are in the process of filming, but the plan is to follow Ayi for a while, under a year, and in intense glimpses, portray his musical palette that moves – from soul, jazz and afrobeat. A legend and experimental cross-over, which is the foundation for Ayi’s passion for music.

But we need your help NOW to be able to move on and to bring him to Ghana.

Morten Bo is a photographer and instructor and has worked in several contexts with and for Ayi. The documentary is a joint project, and a large part of the work is being done on a voluntary basis.

We have allied us with documentary director, Helle Toft Jensen. She has, among other things, made the documentary “MOUSSA DIALLO – the man and the music” – and will be a consultant on the film.